Friday, 8 March 2013

"Charms Strikes The Sight But Merit Wins The Soul"

By quoting "There are charms only made for distant admiration" by Samuel Johnson,it is easy to elaborate that it is merit which wins the heart and soul not deceptive beauty and illusive charm. In this superficial world,unjust society and monetary masses, you can win their hearts by cash not by good deeds. Glamorous world rushes toward sight striking charms and illusory charisma. This is not world of honesty, truthfulness and integrity.But in fact it is merit which wins the souls not charms,a harsh reality to be accepted by the superficial people and is converse of their perception. 
I have thousands of examples to support my argument.Hazrat Bilal Habshi must be before your eyes,the merit he came upto was not measured on the bases of physiognomy, creed, color, caste, or race. Piety was merit; he came up to it.
Similarly while carrying on discussion, in context of "Charms Strikes The Sight But Merit Wins The Soul",on the current scenario of women status in society,fair complexion,ideal height,slim figure and unveiling are considered to be merit for marriage.Rather than faith,character and integrity of delicate creature.
The dead ends due to charming strikes are obvious in form of current scenario of our society,where fake degree holder illiterates are your representatives, illiterate people are parliamentarian and ignorant are leaders,due to the game played by money and superficiality,not by merit.
This is the merit which wins the soul not the charm that strikes the sight.


  1. One of the best one I read in recent time. Indeed Merit is for soul. We see Charm daily and plenty. We do get innfluence by it way too often but at the end of the day, we seek merit to take us forward.