Saturday, 18 August 2012

Impossible is often Untried

Greatest creature of God is Human being. Everyone is blessed with multiple creativities and talents. God has blessed very one with the courage to face the challenges. It is the fact of life that the man who is prone to problems more in life, is more stronger and he is like a statue of gold which  has luster.he becomes weared and teared to the hardships.
so when he has to face the hardships in life then at this point his stance is crucial. how much strong he is? how how much courage he has to face to the challenges? how much energy he has to face the obstacles?
how much he is weared to hurdles? how much he is determined to achieve the goals?how  much stamina he has to to face problems to get the destination?
while elaborating briefly over here,it is stated that God has blessed everyone with infinite qualities,so that the man utilize it,explore new paths, define new ways, explore about the nature, use his mental abilities to discover new ideas and realities.
As in Quran it is said,: "that is for man for whom he struggles."
As every one has potential to do things, so this law equally applies to every one that he who struggles more, gets more.
Now its up to the man that how much he struggles. if he does work with determination than  prestige waits for him. while if some one is lacking in energy then  he has no courage to face the troubles, he is more imaginary and less practical and realistic.
So the perception of impossible is set by these lethargic beings. it is a matter of fact that there is no word impossible in the reality. Each and every thing is possible in practice.
when you have worked to your maximum extent then you are gratified and dignified. Ultimately God helps too,as he loves hard workers.
at the end there is a famous quote  that "nothing is impossible,just perceptions make impossible."

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